The "Back Splash"is often overlooked and taken for granted, yet they can make a very personal statement with your beautiful new granite countertops. Adding a custom back splash is a special and personal addition to your dream project.

What we Offer: The options we offer are "four inch", "six inch", and a "full height" back splash.

Other Design Ideas That Customers Might Like: Other options for you to consider would be a beautiful coordinating tile back splash. While we do not do tile work, we can gladly refer customers to quality tile setters.

Below are examples of our back splash options that we can make for you. And some examples of beautiful tile back splashes that we can help you design with coordinating tiles with our "free" design service.

full height back splash. A full height back splash. An example of a 6inch back splash.
Premium "Full-Height" back splashes. 6 inch Backsplashes
A tile back splash. A tile backsplash. Four inch granite back splash
Tile back splashes in two different styles. 4-Inch Back Splash


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