Granite Countertops

Granite is 100% natural product quarried from the Earth. It is extremely durable, resistant to heat and scratches, and naturally resistant to most stains but for even further protection, all our granite is sealed with a 15 year sealer for added protection.
Granite is typically price per SF and the lower the letter, the less expensive the finished product, i.e. Group A granites would be less expensive that Group B granites. The cost of the granite does not mean a granite has inferior strength, etc. The cost is determined by the quantity available of a particular stone, where in the world the stone was quarried, labor rates in the country it was quarried, cost of freight to get it from it's point to origin to the US, and many other variables.
The stones listed in the various groups are a small representation of the stones the are available but we have listed the most popular stones. The links below will take you to our wholesale supplier's websites so you can see even more options.
We gladly come out to the house with samples and will take you to the wholesalers to hand select your slabs, as well. (Some restrictions apply)
Estimates are always free!!!
Agata (1511)
Alluvial (1491)
Ash Blue (1525)
Audax (1522)
Azul Rio (1515)
Betularie (1463)
Blue Dream (1529)
Blue Pearl (1166)
Blue Storm (1469)
Bosque (1489)
Cactus (1318)
Coliseum (1519)
Cygnus (1495)
Delicatus (1357)
Delirium (1358)
Giallo Rio (1313)
Lennon (1425)
Magma Gold (1531)
Mascarello (1378)
Normandy (1508)
Osprey (1487)
Paradiso (1120)
Prada Gold (1472)
Red Dragon (1325)
River Gold (1526)
Sage (1440)
Solarius (1391)
Tan Brown (1247)
Ubatuba (1162)
Zenith (1516)
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