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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order custom or Stock Cabinets?
Yes, you can order custom cabinets, built to your specifications, or stock cabinets that you choose. We can install your cabinets, or you can.

What are the differences between 2cm (¾") and 3cm (1 ¼") slab material?
There is no difference in the durability of one thickness to the other. The cost of the 2cm material is less, but the labor is more because most of the preferred edge details require the edge of 2cm be laminated with another piece of 2cm stone making the stone appear to be 1-½" thick. Whereas, the cost of 3cm is slightly more but there is much less labor making 3cm stone less expensive overall.

Can I hand select my own slabs?
If you are not utilizing the pre-fabricated granite option, YES, you can hand select your own slabs.

NOTE: If we are quoting your job out of pre-fabricated granite, you cannot hand select your own slabs but you can come to our shop and preview your actual material before fabrication begins.

What is Pre-Fabricated Granite?
Pre-Fabricated Granite is 100% natural granite. The difference is with a custom slab kitchen, 100% of the labor is done here in the US. With Pre-Fabricated Granite, the raw slabs are shipped to the Orient and cut into standard kitchen and vanity size pieces. The pieces are shipped back to the US with a factory produced edge (usually a Full Bullnose Edge, sometimes an Ogee Edge). Because labor costs are considerably less expense in the Orient, Pre-Fabricated Granite is generally 25-35% less than a custom US produced slab kitchen.

How often does granite need to be sealed?
We seal every installation with a 5 year sealer. Sealing granite is as easy — spray sealer and wipe/buff clean! A good indication that a fresh coat of sealer might be necessary is when you see water absorbing into the stone making the stone look darker (until it has the opportunity to dry).

What should I use to clean my stone?
Either use mild soap and water, or use a cleaner specifically designed for cleaning granite. All home improvement store carry "Granite Cleaners" and even most grocery stores now carry granite cleaners. Do not use any products other than those listed herein as they may contain chemicals that can break down the sealer.

What is the difference between natural stone and quartz based products?
Quartz products are man-made products (natural stone with a petroleum-based resin). Quartz products are consistently patterned (like Formica type countertops). Granite on the other hand, is a natural product with beautiful veining and colorations that can only be created by nature. Many quartz manufacturers attempt to down sell granite by pointing out that granite needs to be sealed (see above regarding sealing requirements). People generally select quartz products for colors that aren’t available in granite. There is not a cost savings when utilizing quartz products.

Can I cut on my Granite Countertops?
Yes, you can! Granite is a very hard surface, so expect that you might need to re-sharpen your knives more frequently.

Can I set hot things on my Granite Countertops?
Yes, granite can generally withstand heat up to about 900 degrees.


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